Global Professional launches new rack mount products for RF, VSAT and GPS applications

Global Invacom's manufacturing arm, Global Professional, has launched a new range of rack mount solutions targeting Radio Frequency (“RF”), Very Small Aperture Terminals (“VSAT”) and GPS applications.

Global Professional, the Group’s U.K. based division specialising in bespoke development and manufacturing of RF and VSAT equipment, said its rack mount solutions target a global network of customers across the satellite communications (“Sat Comms”) industry, including system integrators, broadcasters, satellite and teleport operators. Global Professional has commenced shipping of all products in the new range to their worldwide customer base.

The range comprises splitting and combining rack shelves for passive and active applications across GPS frequencies, L-Band, IF-Band and UHF-Band. Its solutions also cover VSAT applications with rack mount equipment for amplification, splitting, combining or switching requirements.

Jan Treiber, General Manager of Global Professional, said: “This new range strengthens our value proposition in the broadcasting and Sat Comms sectors. We are confident that the solutions will add value to our customers and consolidate our leadership in the design and manufacture of such equipment.”

Global Professional offers a range of standard and bespoke solutions for the satellite and broadcasting industries, including broadcast centres, cable headends, news-gathering vehicles and satellite teleports.

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