Global Invacom's Shanghai Arm Secures Patent For New Auto-Assembly Machine

Global Invacom's Shanghai manufacturing arm has obtained a patent for a new autoassembly machine.

Global Invacom Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd (“GISH”) has secured a utility patent for the structure and components of an innovative auto-assembly machine for F-type connector screws, doubling the efficiency and making the process more stable than manual work.

The self-cleaning machine automates the dispensing, component feeding, and locking processes of Sat Comms equipment assembly.

Its systems include a dividing plate with five work stations, a pneumatic system, and three-axle robots designed and assembled by GISH. The robots can be controlled via a programmable interface.

Wong Siu Hong, Vice President – APAC Operation of GISH, said: “This autoassembly machine enables GISH to produce Sat Comms equipment of consistently high quality with minimal signal loss, significantly streamlining our manufacturing processes and underscoring our track record in Sat Comms innovations. We believe that the improved processes will enable us to offer our customers products of superior quality.”

The Group expects to secure several other patents for manufacturing improvements in the near future.

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