Global Invacom’s R&D and Manufacturing Arm Launches Low-Cost Compact Iridium / GPS Repeater

Global Invacom's R&D and manufacturing arm, Foxcom, has launched a low-cost Iridium / GPS repeater.

The compact coax kit is the latest in Foxcom’s highly-successful range of Iridium and GPS repeaters, adding further capability to the radio frequency (“RF”) over fibre equipment specialist.

Iridium satellite telephones are used globally, however traditionally they have been limited to outdoors use only, as building structures block the ingress and egress of the signal indoors. Repeater systems in addition to GPS L1 and GLONASS signals have been developed to overcome this barrier, eliminating any satellite acquisition delay when leaving the building.

Foxcom’s latest coax-based Iridium repeater enhances the technology further, enabling satellite telephones to operate indoors using a low cost solution. For example, when used in an aircraft hangar the Outdoor Unit (“ODU”) and Indoor Unit (“IDU”) may be just a few meters apart. Additionally, the cost of the coax-based kit is significantly lower than that of the optical version.

For longer distances, an ODU can be installed on a roof, along with a pair of antennas – one for transmitting and one for receiving signals. The RF signal is converted to an optical signal by the ODU and transmitted along single-mode fibers to the indoor unit. The IDU converts the optical signal back to RF and makes it available inside the building via a pair of ceiling-mounted antennas.

The new coaxial repeater system merges the ODU and IDU into one combined unit removing the optical fiber interfaces. The single IP65 repeater unit is roof-mounted and comes as a kit with antenna set and the required cabling.

Iridium repeaters are used across a range of industries, including underground civil defense/military bunkers, oil rigs/ships and large buildings.

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