Global Invacom Receives Approval for DCSS Generation LNB from Leading U.S. Equipment Provider

Global Invacom has received approval for the supply of its new generation of Low Noise Block (“LNB”) products from its largest customer, a leading satellite equipment provider in the U.S.

The Group received formal approval from the Customer for the Eastern Arc Twin Generation 2 Hybrid (“EA Twin GenII”), which uses Digital Channel Stacking (“DCSS”) technology. The EA Twin GenII is used within a 16-tuner system, which enables a simpler installation with less cabling than other systems. Global Invacom is one of two suppliers for this new generation of product to this customer.

The approval marks a significant achievement for the Group, which has reported on its continued investment in the new generation LNB since 2014, and confirms Global Invacom as a leading supplier of the latest Sat Comms technology. The Group expects to deploy the DCSS technology across its range of new LNBs, benefitting those currently in design or awaiting approval, for other customers and territories.

Delivery of the new product will commence in November 2016.

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