Global Invacom Appoints Gordon Blaikie as Chief Operating Officer

Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom” or “the Group”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Gordon Blaikie as Chief Operating Officer ("COO") with effect from today.

Gordon Blaikie (“Gordon”), who has 31 years of experience in manufacturing and operations joined the Group in 2012 as Group Operations Director of Global Invacom Limited (“GIL”). During this period he has been responsible for the Group’s operations in Accrington, Malaysia, and Shanghai. He made significant improvements at all three manufacturing sites, enhancing Group relations with key customers such as Echostar and Sky.

As COO of Global Invacom, Gordon will be responsible for the manufacturing entities and sales functions of the Group. He will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Taylor. Gordon will also work closely with the Board of Directors and Senior Management to strategise, streamline and improve the operating performance of the Group.

Prior to Global Invacom, Gordon was an Operations Director for Amphenol, the world’s leader in connector manufacturing for both Aerospace and Military products.

Anthony Taylor, CEO and Executive Chairman of Global Invacom, said, “We congratulate Gordon on his new role as Chief Operating Officer. His expertise and extensive industry experience will continue to be integral as the Company progresses to the next stage of growth in the changing Sat Comms market. We look forward to his continued contribution and valuable guidance to the Group in the coming years.”