One To Many: C-Band Satellite Solution To Route Satellite Signals To 10,000 Homes From A Single Optical Fiber To Be Unveiled In CommunicAsia 2015 By Global Invacom

Singapore, 2 June 2015 – A breakthrough technological solution to extend the capability to distribute signals from a single C-Band  antenna to potentially more than 10,000 homes over optical fibre cable will make its debut at CommunicAsia 2015 (“CommunicAsia”) from June 2-5 in Singapore.

The C-Band Fibre Integrated Reception System (“Fibre IRS”), developed and manufactured by Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom”), a world leader in satellite communications (“Sat Comms”) equipment, is an expansion of the current Ku-Band offering so as to meet the needs of the Asian market.

Unlike conventional coaxial cables which require a signal boost every 100 metres, the innovative C-Band Fibre IRS solution has an uninterrupted signal connection that can transmit up to 10 kilometers. Additionally, it can be installed, commissioned and maintained at minimal cost, yielding vast savings for installers, system integrators and operators.

The C-Band Fibre IRS is the only solution that complements any existing standard C-Band Low Noise Block and will be used extensively in Multiple-Dwelling Units and large villas.

Mr Malcolm Burrell, Director of Advance R&D at Global Invacom, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer an extension of our current Fibre IRS solution which has been well received around the world. Asia is an important market for us and this extension opens up new opportunities for households and businesses in Asia.”

The company will also showcase its revolutionary Romeo and Juliet (“R&J”) chipset which is available to other manufacturers who can then design and offer their own Fibre based products.

The R&J chipset is initially being deployed in the new Global Invacom SwitchBlade (a Fibre input MultiSwitch) and the MKIII GTU, with the latter providing at least 20% cost savings over existing fibre offerings due to the use of the new chipset. The products can be used globally and provide efficient ways of distributing multiple satellite TV channels to apartments and other such establishments.

Other products on display include the tvLINK IP & tvLINK HD Coaxial System, which are ideally suited for venues such as sports bars and digital signage applications  which need to manage multiple HD screens.

Mr Burrell said: “Being the leading Sat Comms innovator, we seek to constantly expand our suite of technology solutions in this industry to add value to our broadcasters and end-users.”

Global Invacom is highly recognized for its “operator grade” standard together with its capability to  develop  custom Switches, LNBs and Dish products for Pay TV providers. It will participate in CommunicAsia, Asia’s largest and most established information and communications technology (ICT) and media communications event, which is held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

A demonstration and analysis of the benefits of Global Invacom’s products will be presented at Global Invacom’s showcase (booth 1V3-01).

About Global Invacom Group Limited

Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom”) is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited Mainboard (“SGX-ST”) and its shares are admitted to trading on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange in the U.K.

Global Invacom is a fully integrated satellite equipment provider with six manufacturing plants across China, Israel, Malaysia and the U.K., providing a full range of dish antennas, LNB receivers, transmitters, switches and video distribution components and electronics manufacturing services in satellite communications, TV peripherals, computer peripherals, medical, and consumer electronics industries. Its customers include satellite broadcasters such as Sky of the U.K. and DISH Network of the U.S.A.