Global Skyware ships FiberGo, its new compact single fibre VSAT

Global Invacom is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Global Skyware, has made the first shipment of FiberGo, its fully integrated and cost-effective fibre Very Small Aperture Terminal (“VSAT”).

FiberGo is a new compact and low-cost fibre solution for VSAT applications. FiberGo ensures that VSAT users are no longer restricted by the limitations of coax cable and can enjoy the many cost benefits of fibre, including transmission over long distances without signal quality degradation. The VSAT FiberGO extension system enables the transmission of Bi-directional L-Band and 10MHz reference signals to and from the BUC/LNB via a single fibre.

The system is compact, flexible, easy to install and prepared for all working conditions. FiberGo’s kit consists of a compact indoor unit and an IP65 rated outdoor unit (ODU) that protects the unit from inclement weather disturbances, lightning damage, humidity and salt corrosion.

Global Skyware is introducing FiberGo to Asia and the Americas initially, before looking to extend distribution to the rest of the world in the second half of 2019.

Bob Lockhart, General Manager of Global Skyware, commented: “There’s very strong demand for VSAT in South America, Africa and Asia, as it provides Internet connectivity to remote locations. A revolutionary, low-cost solution like FiberGo is the perfect VSAT application to help realise this potential by giving operators the flexibility to locate their antennas further away from their indoor equipment."