AIM Rule 26

The information on this website has been disclosed pursuant to AIM Rule 26. It was last updated on 2 September 2019.


A business description of Global Invacom can be viewed on the about us page.
Names and biographies of the Company's directors can be viewed on the board page.

Corporate Governance

Responsibilities of board members, details of any board committees and their responsibilities can be viewed on the corporate governance page.



Country of incorporation and main country of operation: Singapore - As the company is not incorporated in the UK, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.


Constitutional documents

Current constitutional documents can be viewed on the AIM page.



The Company is also listed on the main market of the Singapore Stock Exchange.


Number of Issued Shares (including Treasury Shares): 282,402,299.
Number of Treasury Shares: 10,740,072.


Substantial Shareholders

Gregory Knox Jones – has deemed interest in the shares held by EGCP II Satellite Holdings, LLC – 8.96%
EGCP II Satellite Holdings, LLC - 8.96%
Neo Chee Beng – 6.71%


The identity and shareholdings of the Company's major shareholders can be viewed on the shareholders page.


The Takeover Code

As Global Invacom is incorporated in Singapore it will not be subject to The City Code on Takeovers and Mergers of the United Kingdom ("City Code") and accordingly shareholders will not be afforded any protections under the City Code. However, shareholders will have the benefit of the protections afforded by the Singapore Code on Takeovers and Mergers ("Singapore Code"). The Singapore Code is broadly similar to the City Code.



Restrictions on the transfer of the Company's AIM securities: insofar as the Company is aware, there are no restrictions on the transfer of its AIM securities.


Annual report

The most recent annual report can be viewed on the Annual report page.


All notifications the AIM company has made in the past 12 months can be viewed on the AIM Announcements page.


Admission documents

The Company's Admission document and any circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders within the past 12 months can be viewed on the AIM page.


The Company's Nominated advisers can be found on the advisers page