Talk to us about your needs for high performance bespoke LNB's and Optical products designed to meet the demands of delivering a reliable Satellite service to your customers. Our team of highly experienced engineers design many of the world's most complex and demanding products for major broadcasters.


Our highly innovative products have set the new standard for DBS and Terrestrial content delivery. Our unique patented Optical products are replacing the established coaxial cable technology in many of the world's most prestigious developments. Join the growing range of forward thinking developers to provide your customers with a future proof system using state of the art products.

Installers and Integrators

Satellite technology is changing to offer a broader range of channels and services. Coaxial delivery systems cannot keep pace with this new broadband based world. Fibre Optics is the future proof technology that reduces installation complexity and at the same time increases capability. Deliver multiple channels from multiple satellites with a system beyond the limits of a coaxial system. Talk to our experienced technical support team now to assist you with your system planning

Mobile System Integrators

Data on the move systems place unique and exacting demands on product performance. Our products are designed to offer high performance using unique technical solutions based on innovative technology. These are designed to enable you to offer new products to your customers and solve previously insurmountable design issues.