Electronics Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Capability

Our EMS activities cater to the needs of the high-mix/low-to-moderate volume customers. For low-volume EMS, our production output ranges from hundreds to thousands of units per batch order. For moderate volume EMS, our production output ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of units per batch order.

Product/Process Development

We are involved in the product design and development stages of our customer's new products to provide value-added inputs on the manufacturability of the new products. In this way, we are able to assess every stage of the product development process, which in turn translates into reduced production cost and improved efficiency.


We are capable of prototype engineering where we build prototypes of new products based on specifications before the products are introduced to the market.

Test & Engineering

We provide In-Circuit Testing (ICT), Functional Testing and diagnostic to ensure PCBA or final products meet the functionality and performance required by our customers.

Materials & Logistics

Our purchasing teams source for reliable vendors that offer competitive prices to procure materials and components for turnkey projects. We maintain a purchasing office in Singapore to support the material department at each manufacturing site to help source for lowest cost suppliers as well as new sources.
We offer our customers flexible, just-in-time delivery programs allowing product shipments to be closely co-coordinated with customer's inventory requirements. We also package products for shipment directly to our customers' distribution channels.