The Group: Complete Structure

  Global Invacom Group Limited
Global Invacom Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  Global Invacom Sdn Bhd
  Radiance Electronics (Shenzhen) Co Ltd
  Global Invacom Holdings Limited
  Radiance Cayman Limited
Global Invacom Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd
  Global Invacom Manufacturing (UK) Limited
  Global Invacom Limited
  GI Provision Limited   The Waveguide Solution Limited
  OnePath Networks Limited   Fibre TV to Home Limited
(49% owned)
  Satellite Acquisitions Corp  
  Invacom Holdings Limited   OnePath Network Inc   Foxcom Fiber Optics (PTY) Limited
  Raven Antenna Systems Inc
(Global Skyware)
  Raven UK Holding Limited
  Invacom Limited   Invacom System Limited   ASC Signal (Shenzhen) Consulting Services Co Limited   Raven Group Limited